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The Meat Factory

2014 - ongoing

DEZEEN 10 Top innovative materials of 2019

When an animal is being industrially slaughtered, its blood is being drained. This process not only creates a huge amount of blood as a low value by-product and in some cases as a pollutant.

The “Meat Factory” project is a series of material experiments with the aim to work with the "whole beast",  investigating and inspired by the days when animals were killed every single part was used as the entire beast was valuable. The result is diverse materials, from blood bio "leather", rubber, and yarns to colorants made only from natural abattoir waste or low-value materials, creating new elements for products from the blood and different industrially extracted animal products.
This project questions the construction and deconstruction of living beings by humans, the conflicts in using animals and animal-derived products for human consumption, and the moralistic and cultural views from past to present and to the future of this controversial industry.

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