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Nat-2™ x Shahar Livne | Sustainable Blood Sneakers


As a continuation of the Meat Factory Project, nat-2™ and Shahar Livne collobration was realized as a way to bring more attention to urgent international matters such as sustainability in different design and animal-based industries.

In most slaughterhouses, blood is drained into the sewers and waterways or re-used as a colorant for meat. Inspired by the construction and de-construction of living subjects in the food industry, Shahar Livne developed a new handmade “bio-leather” by using fat and bones driven materials from the waste streams of slaughterhouses in the Netherlands and utilizing the wasted blood as a colorant and a plasticizer.

By using nature-given resources and upcycling leftovers from those industries we want to make a point for more tolerance, open-minded thinking by raising fascination, curiosity, highlighting the wasteful and disrespectful treatment of animals and natural resources.

Other materials used in this concept shoe are finest Nappa leather, glass, a real cork insole, and real rubber outsoles. The shoes are made entirely by hand in Italy and all according to materials are coming from the same region. The extraordinary material mix gives the product an absolutely new feel and look, never experienced in footwear before. 

The sneakers are available to purchase at Next Nature Network and Coliex

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